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Captīvate each customer with a targeted & personalized message.

Monitor customer behavior and trigger in-app messages to convert & to activate them at scale.

Create full-screen experiences

Dynamic segmentation

A/B testing

Team inbox and live chat

On-the-go (Android & iOS apps)

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Deliver captivating experiences.

Create full screen experiences that truly sweep your customers away


Create full screen experiences.

Don't bore your customers with simple messages, but engage them with in-app experiences they'll never forget.

Know exactly who visits your site and what they do.

Create complex conditions to dynamically segment your audience.

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Create dynamic segments.

Monitor user behavior in real-time so you can decide the exact time you want people to receive a message while they browse your site or app.

Optimize your messages using A/B testing.

Define goals for each message, then A/B test them for conversion.


Increase your conversion rate.

Increase your conversion rate by continuously optimizing the images, CTAs, copy, and messages you sent.

Whether you're sending emails, in-app messages or full screen takeovers, test your content, subject lines and other variables.

Live chat & team inbox.

Captivate's team inbox & live chat lets you talk with your customers in real-time.

Keep in touch on-the-go.

Captivate's mobile app lets you continue your conversation while you're on-the-go.

Connect on-the-go

Connect with your customers on the go, loop in your teammates and much more.

Tag users

Trigger a message sequence by tagging a user from your mobile phone.


Captivate your customers on-the-go.


Central inbox

Get instant notifications when you receive new messages.

View user activities

Check user site activities and their latest updates.

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Start captīvating your customers.

Create full-screen experiences.

Dynamic segmentation.

A/B testing.

Team inbox & live chat.

Mobile Apps (Android & iOS).

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